What is mapit.space?

mapit.space is a GIS services provider that is highly motivated in utilizing GIS technologies to help others! By combining the services normally provided by GIS consulting firms, eager students, and you - We can create unique opportunities for students to grow and beautiful interactive solutions for you!

What we do

Our skills are inclusive of the arts and sciences. We strive to develop creative and elegant solutions for complex geographic problems.

Interactive Web Mapping

Interactive web maps can be easily accessed, making it possible for your projects to reach a wide range of audiences.


Using cartographic methods we transform and present complex data into intuitive mediums.

Graphic Design

We believe that visual experience is a critical aspect of all projects.

Spatial Data Analysis

We employ complex spatial data analysis tools to describe geographic patterns.


Arrange a meeting with our team to discuss how to make your vision possible.

Website Development

To address your web presence, we also design, code, and deploy professional websites.

Contact Us

Interested in learning more about our projects or working with us? Please email us at mapit.space@gmail.com!